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Sviatoslav Richterand Nina Dorliak moved into this apartment on the sixteenth floor of 2/6 Bolshaya Bronnaya in the early 1970s. Richter loved this part of Moscow, which is described in the old student song. “Now there's a fine district in fair Moscow town, Bolshaya Kozikha, that is its name. As soon as the streetlights begin to go on, the students all throng there from dusk until dawn”. There are still several reminders of those distant days: Girsch's brick houses where students could find cheap lodgings, facades with ornamental mouldings, art nouveau mansions. The topography of the streets has not changed much either, as you can see from the top floor. There is still a pair of binoculars on the windowsill of the music room. Richter enjoyed this wonderful wiew of the Moscow courtyards, roofs and squares, and the street life below.

The building where he lived is a fairly ordinary one made of brick. But as soon as you cross the threshold of his apartment you enter a different world. Do not expect lavish furnishings and fittings. The passages and study are lined with built-in cup­boards containing his archive: letters, photographs and concert programmes. Everything here conveys the personality of the owner, his way of life, the special energy of this man whom Yuri Bashmet calls “a safe conduct to truth in art”.. Andrei Vozne-sensky sees Richter as a symbol of the Russian intelligentsia, who live on the “Richter scale”.

695-83-46, 697-72-05, 697-47-05

Address: Bolshaya Bronnaya House, 2 / 6, Apt. 58 (16 th floor)

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